ABRI Terms for Apartment Bookings

We can’t do without rules. So this here is the bit where even the nicest landlord seems to turn into the nit-picker from hell. We’re sure you’re not one of them, but there are some people that unfortunately need reminding of rules.


Please understand that we need some security, too. So please read the terms and conditions carefully, because you accept them upon confirming your booking. But remember: Get to know us! In reality we are really nice people, our guests say... :-)


Reservation confirmation: The tenant receives a written confirmation with a list of all the charges for rent, room service and, if required, deposit.


Deposit: The deposit that protects the landlord against possible damage caused by the tenant and its cost is 100 Euro. The deposit must be paid upon arrival and will be refunded upon departure, excluding the charge for any damage for which the tenant is liable. The deposit is not necessary if you show a valid photo ID (because of your address).


Payment in advance, deposit: Please transfer a prepayment of 30-35% to the account below to confirm your reservation within 7 days of receiving the email. It can be made via bank transfer or credit card payment (paypal.com). The percentage variation shall accomplish a round sum cash payment on arrival.


Cancellation: must be done written



    * Cancellation until 60 days before rental starts - 100,00 Euro

    * Cancellation until 14 days before rental starts - 50% of the booked nights

    * Cancellation from 14 days until rental starts - 100% of the booked nights

       minus the revenues for re-rental.

    * After start of rental no reimbursement in case of earlier departure

    * In case of rental longer than one month the renter is obliged

       to pay the total of the agreed rental period.


Der Vermieter versucht intensiv, im Rahmen seiner üblichen Werbung, den Zeitraum erneut zu vermieten. Wiedervermietungserlöse abzüglich einer Aufwandspauschale i.H.v. 100 Euro werden rückerstattet.


Guest contract: On booking you enter into a contract under the conditions detailed above.


Cash payment on arrival: The landlord can ask you to pay the full price upon your arrival, if you find the apartment in a good condition. If there is anything wrong with the apartment you should pay after the landlord has sorted the problem. The prepayment will be subtracted when you pay the final price.


Arrival: You will be issued with your keys as agreed with the landlord. (Note: On days without a guest exchange, you may sometimes arrive earlier)


Liability: The tenant is liable for any damage caused by him/herself or any other person travelling with him/her.


Smoking: For the comfort of our non-smoking guests – which we expect to be the majority – smoking is not permitted in our apartments. You are, however, permitted to smoke on the balcony provided you close the balcony door.


Pets: Pets are not allowed in the apartments (small pets may be allowed upon request).


Internet: The landlord is able to provide the guest with an internet connection at a surcharge. The guest is to use this with care and caution, and within the legal regulations. In particular, it is forbidden to download illegal content or to use file-sharing, or to perform any other illegal activities, which can bring upon itself criminal sentences or make the guest liable to pay damages.Violators will be prosecuted under criminal and civil laws.


Occupants: The apartment may only be used by those listed on the contract. Use by any other people is prohibited.


Quiet times: You are renting the apartment in a very quiet house, so please abide by the locally recognised quiet times: midday break, night time and Sundays.


Compensation: The landlord is not liable for short-term interruptions of public amenities. Compensation in such cases is therefore not possible. The tenant must allow the landlord 36 hours to rectify the problem.


Security: Please lock the door to the main building between 8pm and 6am. We also ask you to close the windows when you leave the apartment.


Departure: Since we need to prepare the apartment for the next guests, we ask you to vacate before 11am on days that new guests arrive.

NB If you repeatedly breach the contractual terms, the landlord has the right to evict. In this case the tenant must leave the apartment. A refund is not possible. If the tenant does not vacate the apartment upon formal request, the landlord has the right to take legal action to ensure removal.


Privacy: The landlord is allowed to enter the apartment (to change the bedclothes/towels etc. ), especially in case of emergency.


Salvatorian clause: The rest of these terms will still be valid if one or more of these terms should become invalid. The invalid term will be replaced by a similar term.


The place of any legal action is Berlin.